Love conquers evil…


As you hear the names and see the faces of those killed in the tragedy at Sandy Hook, use their lives as motivation to love someone sitting in front of you. There are so many people and children that are in need right now. They could use your love. And in a tangible way.

  • Go out of your way for a stranger for Charlotte and Chase.
  • Kiss someone for Daniel and Jesse.
  • Apologize to someone for Olivia and Madeleine.
  • Say thank you to someone who needs it for Josephine and Catherine.
  • Hug someone for Ana and Dillon.
  • Give a gift to someone for James and Grace.
  • Buy a meal for someone for Emilie and Jack.
  • Write a note to someone for Noah and Allison.
  • Go visit a shut in for Caroline and Jessica.
  • Pray for someone for Benjamin and Avielle.
  • Do the boldest act of love you can think of for their parents and families.

Love conquers evil. Conquer some of the darkness you feel by expressing love.

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