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In the heart of scrapbooking, I am looking for all the funny things that the two little girls have said since they were born… I figured their mommies would be good sources for this info. I am looking for the quote and possible date (or at least age), circumstances around the quotes, and of course pictures that go with the (if there are any). I few I can think of:

“I not evil! I a fairy princess!” – Kelsie (age 2)

Mom says, “Delaney, let’s go run some errands.” As they are out, Delaney says, “Mom, where’s Erin?” – Delaney (age 3)

Kelsie, what do you want for Christmas? “Toys” What kind of toys? “Lellow” Kelsie (age 2)

I am also looking for the Delaney stories from Myrtle Beach – the “widgie” story and the “smack my bootie” story, along with pictures.

Please post or e-mail me with as many as you can remember. I would like to document these.

Or maybe we should do them for all the kids… I think everyone’s favorite is:
“Quit your bitchin’ Barbie!” – and we all know who said this one, Little Miss Dee-bird! (age ?)
Or how about: “Who Rang My Bell!” Nicholas quoting the Wiz of Oz. He used to say that one a lot!
Then there was always Beth’s “dot-gos” (hotdogs) and her “I love you 2 lots.”

Anyway, let’s remember these! Send ’em my way if you can think of some.


  1. nana said:

    Correction, Mattie looked at Poppy and said "Sometimes I get into trouble without even trying." She always talked to Poppy. Remember when Beth talked about her hands getting all plumy from doing dishes. God, that girl hated doing dishes. Guys, the other great one was when we were out in Illinois and Kameron said he wanted to go to his "own grass" When we went to Washington with Kelly and Nick. Kay, Kris, Kelly, Nick and I were in the van and we got lost, Kay was upset because she had a headache and couldn’t figure out how to get home and Nick started crying and said "I knew we should have a man with us." Not a bright thing to say with four women. When Kam went to Aunt Mims house and said "Boy this is a swell mess." Kam would tell his mom "No hitin, no kicken and no spitten". Mattie would tell you that you were driving her "outsane". That is all that I have for now. This is fun. You girls and boys with little kids, write down the things when the kids say them because you do forget. Mom

    February 27, 2007
  2. La said:

    Nana remembered this one- Matty had just gotten in trouble and she looked at Nana and said,"I can get in trouble without even trying"

    February 25, 2007
  3. bailey said:

    Well when Nick was 5 and in kindergarten he had a girl in his class he just loved her name was Katie Wood. I was pregnant with Katie and asked him one day "What should we name the baby and that is was a girl baby." So Nick said can we name her Katie Wood?! And I said no honey there already is a Katie Wood. So then he said when then can we call her Katie Stick! LOVE IT! And that is who Katie got her name was from her brother.

    Trying to think of things Sarah and Katie said and coming up empty but will keep thinking….

    February 20, 2007
  4. Farley said:

    Erin was doing dishes one night and looked at us horrified and said " don’t stack the dishes, then i have to wash both sides!!"

    Beth wrote a paper for Mrs. Waldron in 2nd grade on what they did over the weekend and did her paper on how unfair we were were because she had to do dishes. It went something like this… i had four forks, four spoons, four glasses, two pans. It is NOT fair! I think there were several times in her paper she wrote "it is NOT fair!"

    February 17, 2007
  5. Farley said:

    Erin had "beauty rocks" and black eyed susans were Suzettes. Dee called the Bible the Holly Bibble. When C shaved off his mustache when Erin was little she looked at him and told him to put it back. That’s all i have for now. Will keep thinking.

    February 17, 2007

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