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I think I posted this a while back (a few years maybe), but I know a lot has changed and I am trying to make a list of all the things the kids have said over the years that are funny or memorable. I want to put something together with them. I went through the archives and found the orginal post: http://www.kdisanto.com/archives/00000340.html

I figured we could add to it and I thought maybe everyone could pitch in and help me out, especially since I still don’t have any for Kate and Sarah. I also would like approximate ages for when they were said.

Recent additions are obviously:
– Kels and her 3 Junks and “Suck it Up Cupcake”

Ones from before:
– Delaney: her widgies, “Amerham Lincoln”, “Cousin in the Yellow shirt”, and running errands with her mom and thinking it meant she was going to see me and said “But where’s Erin?”
– Kels: “I not evil, I a princess” and what kind of toys for Chirstmas… “Lello”, “I like junk”
– Kam: wanting to go to his “own grass”, “Boy this is a swell mess” (refere4nces Aunt Mim’s house), “No hitin, no kicken and no spitten”.
– Darian: “Quit your bitchin’ Barbie” and the Holly Bibble (Holy Bible)
– Matty: “Sometimes I get into trouble without even trying”, “You are driving me outsane”.
– Nick: “Who Rang My Bell”, the Katie Stick story, “I knew we should have a man with us.”
– Beth: “I love you 2 Lots” and “Dot-Goes” (hotdogs), and the “plumby” fingers from doing dishes
– Erin: suzettes (Black-eyed Susans), beauty rocks, telling my dad to put his mustache back, and telling my parents not to stack the dishes b/c then I’d have to wash both sides, wanting to be a “leaf doctor”


  1. Erin said:

    And I guess this is one I use even now… “You no love me?”

    March 30, 2010
  2. Erin said:

    Found these written down and wanted to make sure we had ’em…

    Bob: “Come on Chicklet.”
    Delaney: “Come on Biglet.”

    Another Delaney one:
    “Who was the first president?”
    George Washington

    “Who is the president now?”
    George Bush

    “Who is the president with the big hat?”
    Amerham Lincoln

    March 30, 2010
  3. Kris said:

    I remember telling mattie to get her manners outof her pockets and she looked at me with that face and said I don’t have any pockets!!!

    September 15, 2008
  4. Bob said:

    A great recent one from Delaney, right after Kay yelled at me was, you Holes (Ass type) better stop fighting.

    September 15, 2008
  5. hot mama said:

    Right now I’m not coming up with any more but will keep thinking. They are fun to reminisce about. I can just see the little faces when they said the things. Nana

    September 15, 2008
  6. Kay said:

    Erin- you wanted to be a leaf TEACHER, not doctor.

    The only other ones I remember for Delaney is "Ah, Shucks!", "W-w-w-hat" in the whiny voice (funnier in person), NOP (not our problem), "Your ruining my life", and "Get out of my face" (Nana’s favorite)

    September 12, 2008

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