Long overdue update…

  • Matty had her surgery yesterday- in a little pain- send a card, call…make her feel better.
  • Lala is back to work today- miss my puppy!
  • Last week computer main board fried- been with out computer till late last night- this time I am going with an iMac running Mac OS X & Windows 7- so far I am liking a lot! Still waiting to see if data could be saved (pray).
  • Kevin Michael got a promotion- he now holds his bosses position- making him a boss! Congratulations.
  • Farley is getting ready to show her house at Homearama.
  • Kelsie is now doing cheerleading camp. She will finish swimming lessons this week.
  • Sue got a full-time kindergarten job for the upcoming school year-YES!
  • What’s up with you?

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