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So, I’ve been getting many questions about my move, so I thought it’s about time I put the word out there. Sorry guys, been busy moving!

I am no longer living in the DC area. I stayed there 9 months and it really was enough to know it wasn’t right for me. I figured if I already knew I didn’t like the area, why waste time staying there. I wanted to move North again, but wasn’t ready to go home. I found a job in Vermont, but it’s right on the border of New Hampshire, so that is where I am living. When I first moved here I was living with a guy in Sutton, but it was very far away and I missed my stuff. With a 45 min commute and getting home too late to cook, I’ve been eating out all the time. You can only imagine how healthy and expensive it is! Yet, surprisingly enough, I have lost a few pounds, must be from stress and lugging boxes!

So, I just found a cute place in West Lebanon, right down the road from all the major shopping attractions, but out in the country. My house is over 200 years old, it was the first established home in Lebanon! The Trust Trust Farm. It’s big with hardwood floors and a huge yard. A brook runs along the North edge of the property and empties into the Connecticut River just to the West of my house. I live with a young cute girl named Rachel, she is 21 and is from Vermont.

I’m so in love with the house, but not with the move. I’m very tired and the house still has boxes and chaos everywhere. TV and Internet are proving to be a challenge, so I’m still a little out of touch. It feels good to be in my own place, it’ll feel better when I can get back to life as I once knew it. Then, I think I’ll really be happy. Now I just need more friends and a man to entertain me would be nice!

I did manage to lose the big TV in the move… it smashed. Bummer. My iPod also stopped working yesterday, not really sure what is up with that. So, I’m in the market for some electronics!! Maybe I’ll have to get a job at Best Buy just for the discount!

I have a guest room, so I will be expecting some visitors!! Find a weekend that’s good for you and come see the beauty of New Hampshire and Vermont! La, Southwest flies into the airport nearest to me (Manchester) and you can get some cheap flights! I’m also only 2.25 hours from Bo and 2.5 hours from Susan on the Culver side… so I’ll be heading in there directions sometime soon I hope! After I get some things unpacked that is!

Oh, and in other news, Lydia got accepted into RIT and has decided to go there for grad school! I’m excited for her and for the fact that I’ll be able to see her when I come home to visit!


  1. Kimmers said:

    Hey baby girl… how’s it going? Hang in there and it will get to the non chaos state soon! Call and let us know how you are doing. I love you.

    April 14, 2008
  2. hot mama said:

    The house looks great. The unpacking will happen. Just takes time. I hope you will be happier there where it is a little slower. Tell Lydia congrats, she is a great girl and I hope she does well. Love ya, Nana

    April 12, 2008
  3. Bailey said:

    Basie was nice to see and HUG you before you left. Hopefully between Sarah’s graduation and the craziness of summer we can come visit know the girls will love it!

    Take your time it will all fall into place.

    April 11, 2008
  4. Kay said:

    Beth- well you at least have your stuff there. Now you can at least spend the weekend unpacking instead of driving, etc. We may take you up on visit for the weekend- maybe in the Fall (you should be unpacked by then!) Tell Lydia to call us if she ever wants to come over for dinner- we are only 15 minutes away!

    April 10, 2008
  5. Erin said:

    Yup! Two boxes a day was always my goal too, and sometimes you even do more. It takes time but don’t overwhelm yourself. Send pics of the house when you are finished and I cannot wait to come visit you soon! Tell Lyd I said congrats and we are happy that she can stay close to our family! We love her to pieces!

    April 10, 2008
  6. Sue said:

    You know the routine… two boxes a night! Please send pictures. Good luck with all of it. Just pace yourself at a steady rate. Love ya!

    April 10, 2008

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