Little girl on the beach…

“Come  on child, grab some space and some fresh air soak up these good times. Look how easy life is around you, look how small you stand in compared. Dance on the sand lifes provided you, twirl in the time you contain. Sing about this cool breeze on your face.  Laugh at expectations and go where a dream flys you away.  Don’t forget the tingle of your hot dancing feet don’t forget your wild jungle hair. Stay anywhere, pause anytime, there will be no chance to rewind. Don’t forget the first smell of creation. Time is a thing you don’t understand, like a sand castle built over again. Grab a soul and run, notice a lost heart and give it a home, swim against a current alone. Grab a sunrise and go for a stroll, run with the wind. Take a chance, fly with a dream. Search with a passion and find a key. Live with a desire, and always long for more. Look up to the sky surround yourself with grace. Always look back to remember your way. You began at beautiful and your still there today.”

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