List 3 is out!

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The 26 Things project has released list 3 for those who need something to do (Kim). Here goes:
Lines, Mechanical, Stretch, Through, Bottom, Organised, Different, Far Away, Green, Mug, Dummy, At Night, Liquid, Artificial, Out of Reach, Switch, Relief, Blades, Missing, Underground, Historic, Button, Popular, Grand, Exotic, Delicious.
Have fun…


  1. Avatar hot mama said:

    I’m still on two and must get back at it. I’m going to get Katie and Sarah and get them going on list 1. I think they will have a hoot.

    July 9, 2004
  2. Avatar beth said:

    My 26 things are a constant work in progress. I do take pictures, really I do. Someday I may post some! 26 Things 1 (22) 26 things 2 (16). Now I have a new list… wow.

    July 6, 2004
  3. Avatar Erin said:

    I have not done any work on mine in a while, but not that some of my trips are over I will have ot start working on them. I’m glad there is another list… maybe it will motivate me to hurry up and finish 2!

    July 6, 2004
  4. Avatar La said:

    Linda and I went out twice today to shoot pictures- Linda is at 8 (26 things 1) and I am at 14 (26 things 2)and 5 (26 things 3). We went to a park & fountain, an airshow and out to a sunset- I also threw in a couple at home.This can take some time but we had a great time.

    July 3, 2004

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