Linda’s hand…

Some may know- Linda was putting in fence posts in the garden and when she came down on the post- her hand hit the metal hog panel next to the post and it cut it open. We spent 4 hours in the emergency room (have to love our health care system). She got 6 stitches and had to go into a brace to not pull on the hand and stitches. She goes to her doctor Monday. Right now she can not work- bad news, may shorten our New York trip.

Linda is unable to go back to work this week which takes her vacation days away. (She gets days off- used for sick or vacation). I will now be flying solo instead of driving.
Below is my arrival and departure on Delta Airlines. 

MCI to ROC  | 26 Jun 2012    

MCI    6:18am
ROC    11:52am

ROC to MCI  | 2 Jul 2012
ROC   5:35am
MCI   9:44am

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