Let’s see how it went…

July 12 arrive in Rochester at 1:30- 3:30 (Continental flights are ALWAYS late) Kay C. will pick me up, go to Delaney’s soccer game

July 13 Nana picks Karen up, goes to lunch with Delaney & Kay (& mom at Olive Garden)– go to Clyde, Karen takes Mom & Dad to dinner (Went to the Crow’s Nest- very good!)

July 14 Hope to take Farley to lunch for her birthday with Bib (and Kenny and Sue and Matt and Mom and Clark- we had a GREAT time at the Brickoven),teach Kam Bamboo (he did great once we got it loaded) ,take pictures of the kids for Sue, see Kameron’s basketball game

July 15 Take Kenny to lunch for his birthday (happened dad before because he went out of town), campout with the kids (Delaney & Kate coming to Clyde), CANCER Walk (we had an indoor sleep over but because of the Cancer walk we didn’t get to the Samores)

July 16 Kelly’s pool party (this was great- wonderful food, house was so peaceful and everyone had a great time), return to North Chili with Kay (stayed an extra night in Clyde, had breakfast after church at the Brickoven and went later in the day).

July 17 Relax by the pool, teach Delaney photography & guitar (her request!)(Didn’t get guitar done but did do some scrap booking together, and singing and dancing, watching movies and visiting neighborhood puppies)

July 18 open- maybe hanging with everyone at pool (didn’t happen today- happened Tuesday and included Sue, Kam, Kelsie, Nana & Farley- later Clark came up)

July 19- return home (by now I am really missing my dog, Linda & my grass) (Flight canceled so changed to Newark, NJ, then reflew over the same airspace to Kansas City- got home at 11:30 to a very excited dog and Linda).

I had a great time, got everything done and extra (got homemade cream puffs, went and got chicken wings at Jake’s, got sausage sandwich and clams at Brickoven, had lots of great conversation, got computers cleaned up, got to see ALL my family in the local area and spend some quality time with each. THANKS everyone for a great time!

(If you place your curser over the underline pictures they should show up) (I just redid all links, they should work)

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