Let’s Party…

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Well now that Dee has graduated- it’s time to party! If you are of drinking age…click link…great drink recipe. Dee had a great graduation and there is a lot to celebrate. Her {{popup sfamily.gif sfamily 550×413}}family sure is proud (Mike, Ashely, Darian, Matty & Kris). Her {{popup dwithN&P.gif dwithN&P 550×358}}Nana & Poppy are very proud. Every one else there was proud too! Last…for those who don’t know what Kristie looks like- her is a picture of {{popup kev&kristie.gif kev&kristie 550×351}}Keven & Kristie. Thank Kay for sending the pictures and everyone enjoy the party tomorrow!

Kiss Ass Margarita
12 oz frozen limeade concentrate
12 oz sprite
12 oz Corona beer
9 oz tequila

Now I am NOT a margarita fan but these are not bad and they will kick your ass if you are not careful!


  1. Avatar La said:

    Everyone likes a good party- wish I was there to partake…glad everyone had a good time- just what the doctor ordered!

    June 2, 2009
  2. Avatar hot mama said:

    And a good time was had by all. The kids all went out oun the boat and went tubing or swimming. We ate, a lot, played games and it awas a lot of fun. Joe and Debbie, Kris’s boss was a wonderful host and hostess and we enjoyed them a lot. We were just glad that we could share with all of them and I am so proud of Darian and her mother. Good job. Love all of you, Nana

    June 2, 2009

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