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What is a theme song?
Did anyone watch Alley McBeal? She went to a therapist who told her to pick a “theme song”….a feel good, make you think of you song, when you are feeling blue- pick me up song…not a song about you as a couple- a song that describes you- has attitude…so lets try this again and send me your theme song.


  1. Erin said:

    I sent to La through e-mail, but I figured I’d post here as well. I said "I Will Survive" or "Dancing Queen." It’s funny, because I told La "Stay" from Dave Matthews too (funny that Beth and I both suggested it). I can also think back to me singing "Bad to the Bone" with Nana… that was always fun.

    October 22, 2002
  2. bkbd said:

    Karen, Buffy would like her theme song added. Her song is "I’m just a love machine" (and I won’t work for nobody but you!!) Still haven’t gotten one from Bob. Talk to you soon. Having trouble sending the pictures. Files are too big, but still working on getting them to you. Later

    October 11, 2002
  3. Kay & Bob said:

    Karen, for me, I think I would like "Change the World" by Eric Clapton and "Play that Funky Music White Boy". Haven’t gotten around to asking Bob.

    October 10, 2002
  4. La said:

    Your song is a great choice!

    October 9, 2002
  5. beth said:

    Like I said, Guster what you wish for makes me happy… but also another "happy" song of mine is Dave Matthew Band – Stay (Wasting time). Guster’s is about waking up to a gray day, and as it goes on, it gets better… and Dave’s song is about wasting time and enjoying yourself! Who doesn’t like to relax!!

    October 9, 2002
  6. La said:

    I’m thinking like RESPECT, New Attitude, Kenny G or a good jazz toon- Dave Koz can lay one on…I know this family has attitude so let it rip…now you might want to be a little more mellow and that is ok too.

    October 8, 2002

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