Let’s dance…

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“Learning to walk set you free.
Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all:
to express with your whole self the person you are.”


  1. Kay , Bob, Delaney, and Buffett said:

    I’ve seen Kelsie dance- she didn’t get her rhythm from her daddy!! She is actually really good and riot to watch!! Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, Kelsie!! Show’em how you do it now!!

    January 26, 2005
  2. Sue said:

    Oh yeah…. Kels is the same way! She loves to dance to anything. If she can dance to her brother’s guitar playing, she can dance to anything! Kels is more of a stationery dancer at this point though, preferring to bob up and down endlessly at the knees until the songs are finished. What a girl!

    January 26, 2005
  3. La said:

    Dancing is good- let here dance naked! Delaney is another name for "self-expression" anyway. We will dance at the beach. Love and kisses to the Carroll household.

    January 25, 2005
  4. Kay , Bob, Delaney, and Buffett said:

    Funny you should put that up- Delaney is big into dancing right now. If you turn on music- she wants to dance. There is no trying to get jammies on, there is no getting dressed for school, there is changing of the pants or wiping of the nose. She just tells you- I want to DANCE!! Then she spins around until she can’t stand up!! I say dance girl!

    January 25, 2005

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