Less is more…

less=more (55k image)

Tis the season for Master Card and Visa, American Express and Discover. Deck the halls with spending overkill and stress at the Malls. Certainly Santa is a busy guy, but here’s a gentle reminder: Try moderation and remember the true meaning of Christmas is the spirit of love.

“True happiness,” said German lyrical poet Johann von Goethe, “springs from moderation.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if for the next 12 months, instead of paying monthly finance charges, you paid your loved ones more attention and love? The dividends are priceless.

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  1. La said:

    As the holidays approach- be kind to yourselves. I don’t need a lot this Christmas and would love for those who struggle with money or time to spend time with your family- drink a cup of hot cocoa for me, see a movie with your kids and just send me a card with a picture- I want your holidays to be stressless (as much as possible). I love you all so remember, less= more!

    November 18, 2004

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