Last day of August…

Say a little prayer for Buffett- she is not doing well right now.

(Trying some new meds to see if it will help- we love you Buffett & Carroll Family)

Kay & Delaney are back from the beach.

Kelsie is cheering at the football games and loving it!

Kam had a scrimmage and caught 2 touchdown passes.

It has been so hot here- the land is cracked, the grass is dead and

we are all ready for a cool down.

Bear got his last set of shots and is up to 8 pounds (we got him at 4).

We had our first accident free weekend- light at the end of the tunnel.

Kate had her first day of classes today and LOVES University of Buffalo.

What happened in you August 2010?


  1. klds said:

    I have had to work so hard to call my dog “he” I now call all dogs “he” including the therapy dog at school who is also a “she”- Sorry Buff- I love you!

    September 1, 2010
  2. The Carroll's said:

    Just a reminder- Buffy is a girl, not a boy.

    September 1, 2010

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