Kim’s trip to Kansas City…

bra (106k image)

We saw this while we were shopping- it was too funny- the 3 day walk for the CURE was going on this weekend.
The boys picked her up and showed her the town. Here is the {{popup kcskyline.gif kcskyline 400×300}}Kansas City skyline.
Then La and Kim go to Illinois to see {{popup 3girls.gif 3girls 500×239}}Lu & Nana & Kim.
We did lots of shopping (Archivers, Target, Michael’s, Border’s) and visited many restaurants (Chipotle Mexican Grill, Mimi’s Cafe, Houston’s, Cinzetti’s, Panera, Rancho Grande) and also Starbuck’s.
We saw the September 11 exhibit at Union Station. Here is a {{popup WTC-steel-beam_jpg.jpg WTC-steel-beam_jpg 300×461}}WTC steel beam.
We drove through the National Golf Course to look at million dollar homes- here is Kim’s {{popup favhouse.gif favhouse 400×300}}favorite.
Kim got a hair cut and highlights from Gary.
And she decorated in the house- these pictures will come later- we love what she did. It amazes me that little things can make such a big difference!
We had a blast and I was very sad to see her leave. I hope she makes it back very soon. Thank you so much for the visit. We loved having you here.


  1. La said:

    We had a blast-and yes Erin it was the porch! I think the thing Kim like best was my bed (very soft). But we were lucky to have time to see Kansas City and do many things. I miss her- seems quite today(now I have to do house chores).

    June 22, 2005
  2. Erin said:

    Glad you girls had fun. Wish I could have been there. I like the house my mom picked out… I have a feeling she likes it because of the wrap-around porch (she always loves that). Thanks for the pictures! Keep more coming!

    June 22, 2005

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