Kelly’s awards…

Well we had our banquet Saturday and I got First Place Champion for Saturday night, 2nd place for Friday night and a Special Appreciation Award the Rob made (yes that would be the lawn mower blade) for mowing the track every week.  But the best part was the time and thought he put into it as I had some major issues a couple of times mowing such as running over the electrical cord from pole to the concession stand and blew it to shreds so a piece of that is one the trophy as well as some cable I ran over and shredded in which Rob had to turn around at 6:30 in the morning after dropping me and the mower off and come fix it….and yes I cried…..meant more than the other awards.  Rob got First Place Championship for Friday and 2nd for Saturday and he got 2nd for Saturday for Modified and an Appreciation Award for all he did at the track this year as Vice President.  So was a good way to end the weekend…just wanted to share!

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