Kate’s Prom – SO BEAUTIFUL!

301_0897 (197k image)

301_0903 (197k image)

Kate and Shaun, you both look so fantastic and I hope you had a blast! Kate, you’re dress is just stunning and I can’t believe how beautiful you are! Tell us all about it when you can.


  1. Hot mama said:

    I have seen you so I know that you had a good time but I love the pictures. I am still disappointed that Shawn didn’t dance your feet off. That is why you wore flip flops, so your feet would not hurt. Guys don’t know much, do they? Love Nana

    March 18, 2009
  2. Kay said:

    Katie- I thought you looked fantastic (you too Shaun). Hope you had a great time. Hopefully we will see you soon!

    March 17, 2009
  3. Sue said:

    I personnally thought the flip flops added just that special amount of flair that fits Kate’s style. Excellent touch! You both looked very classy and what a great looking couple- hope you had fun!

    March 16, 2009

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