Karen & Linda begin summer…and it’s projects!

Well our weather has been nice so we laid a stone path in the back {{popup garden.gif garden 450×300}} garden, finally covered it with mulch and laid a small patio (still needs to be leveled). We transplanted a bunch of plants, here we did the plants near the {{popup htplants.gif htplants 450×300}} hot tub and added a gazing ball. Linda planted a {{popup plumtree.gif plumtree 450×300}} plum tree to replace the dead cherry tree. We had our {{popup lumber.gif lumber 450×300}} lumber delivered today to begin our deck. This is what it looks like today, {{popup deckbefore.gif deckbefore 450×300}} deck before, I’ll take a picture Sunday when it is done.
We have also had some fun, we went to a church auction and bid (and won) the church {{popup chicken.gif chicken 450×300}} chicken. We gave it to the boys who have to dress it and return it in 6 months to be auctioned again. This day (with the fur and brooch) they brought it to church. Also, one day last week I was going into Linda’s room to clean the bedding when I stumbled upon an unwelcome visitor, Mr.{{popup snake.gif snake 450×351}} snake (he is dead here). It was an interesting process and I now have to have the lights on before I enter a room!

On a final note- please check out the new sidebar- we have a Q&A section- I’ll add to it when we get photos and also check out Karen’s 26 things (I finished adding and changing some of my photos).


  1. Sue said:

    nice nursery job… that snake would have made me %^&* my pants! Kam woud have protected you though.

    May 6, 2004
  2. hot mama said:

    There will be a new reality show on TV–Karen, the Snake Slayer! Glad it was you and not me that went after that thing. It sure is long! Just another quest to add to your resume. Mom

    May 6, 2004
  3. Erin said:

    Can’t wait to see the deck when it is finished! Good luck and keep posting pics! Yucky snake too….

    May 5, 2004

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