Kam’s Game Last Saturday

kam (102k image)

Some pictures from Kam’s game last Saturday. They lost, but Kam played hard. The rest of us cheered and tried to stay WARM!

{{popup kam2.jpg kam2 500×667}}kam2
{{popup cheering-crew.jpg cheering-crew 500×375}}cheering-crew
{{popup cheering-crew-2.jpg cheering-crew-2 500×375}}cheering-crew-2
{{popup cheering-crew-3.jpg cheering-crew-3 500×375}}cheering-crew-3
{{popup cheering-crew-4.jpg cheering-crew-4 500×375}}cheering-crew-4
{{popup cheering-crew-5.jpg cheering-crew-5 500×375}}cheering-crew-5
{{popup cheering-crew-6.jpg cheering-crew-6 500×375}}cheering-crew-6
{{popup cheering-crew-7.jpg cheering-crew-7 500×375}}cheering-crew-7
{{popup cheering-crew-8.jpg cheering-crew-8 500×375}}cheering-crew-8


  1. Kate said:

    All i have to say about that last picture is Wow! haha..looked like you guys had fun even though it was freezing out!

    October 17, 2006
  2. La said:

    Even in the cold- it looked like people had fun.

    October 17, 2006

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