just when you thought you were safe…

Yes, I thought Rochester was a fairly safe place… now my opinion is changing. After my friend Val was car jacked (yes, jacked, not stolen), I questioned it, but now I’m definitely weary.

Last night, I was near the U of R on elmwood (for you rochestarians). There was an after party, my roommates had a concert and we went, then we went to the party. My friend Reanna at one point in the night, decided to walk to the car. When she got there, she saw two guys standing near my car. Didn’t think anything of it, because it was a parking lot (a well lit one at that, and I saw lots of cops drive by all night). But, then when she got closer to the car, the guys went into the park. Then the closer she got, she realized that the driver side window of my car was broken. She turned and started walking back towards the party, and they were kinda following her from inside the park. So, she cross the street and came back to the house. Then (with about 5 guys for backup) we went back to the car and called the cops. They are not helpful. They just file the report over the phone and give you a report number for your insurance.

It turns out nothing was taken. I think they broke in because they saw cords plugged in (from my portable CD player). But, the CD player wasn’t attached (it slid under the passenger seat), so when they pulled out the cords, there was nothing on the other side. I know they yanked the cords cause they were sitting on my seat. I think Reanna interrupted their crime spree before they could steal anything. But come on, lets use some common sense here. You see a parking lot with 5 cars… mine is the shittiest, beat up piece of crap there, and they brake into my car. What morons! All for a $30 CD player, which they didn’t get. But, maybe they were planning on breaking into all the cars before Reanna came. My car was parked on the end…

Either way, they got nothing, and I got a broken window… they are cruel, if I can’t afford a good car, how am I supposed to pay for a window? That is just plain mean.


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  1. La said:

    I’m so sorry to hear this- sometimes the world seems like a crappy place. It’s hard to remember the 5% of shit heads try to ruin it for the other 95% that are decent hard working folk.
    I too, once had a window broken out- they stole my fuzz buster- cops weren’t much help, middle of winter (cold when you drive) and I was oh so poor! More importantly- thank God your friend who walked outside was not hurt- cars & windows can be replaced- friends & loved ones can not.

    November 12, 2002

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