JoAnn’s House…

hallway (86k image)

Welcome to Linda’s sisters house. You walk in and off to the {{popup right.gif right 550×413}}right is the kitchen. It’s pretty small but convenient. The closet you see all the way down is the laundry closet. Turn right at the end of the way and you go into the garage or there are steps to go downstairs. If you continue through the kitchen it will turn into the {{popup ktable.gif ktable 550×413}}kitchen table area. This is very open and there is a door that leads out to a {{popup porch.gif porch 375×500}}covered deck. This goes completely around to the {{popup readcorner.gif readcorner 550×413}}sit corner which has a {{popup china-hutch.gif china-hutch 335×500}}china-hutch across from it. From this view you can look directly into the {{popup sideview.gif sideview 550×413}}living room. There is going to be an armorer across on the big wall but it comes March 4th. You can’t tell from that view but there are two {{popup chairs.gif chairs 550×413}}chairs in the living room. We purchased {{popup pic1.gif pic1 426×500}}picture 1 and {{popup pic2.gif pic2 390×500}}picture 2 to hang on the {{popup picwall.gif picwall 550×413}}hallway wall. Thinking about putting them on the {{popup fireplace.gif fireplace 550×413}}fireplace instead. When you go down the hallway there is a {{popup bed2.gif bed2 550×413}}bedroom off to the left which she has a bed in and {{popup tablebed1.gif tablebed1 375×500}}small table in. Off to the side is a {{popup bed1dresser.gif bed1dresser 550×413}}dresser and mirror. Straight to the end of the hall is another bedroom that she has a {{popup dencouch.gif dencouch 413×550}}couch that pulls out to a bed and {{popup computer.gif computer 375×500}}computer hutch. Next to this bedroom is a small main {{popup bath2.gif bath2 375×500}}bathroom for guest to use. On the right side end of hall is the {{popup masterbeds.gif masterbeds 550×413}}master bedroom which has a {{popup bedmirror.gif bedmirror 550×413}}dresser, {{popup bedfire.gif bedfire 550×413}}TV stand that has a fireplace in it and {{popup masterbedchair.gif masterbedchair 550×413}}glider. Their is a walk in closet next to the dresser and a master {{popup mainsink.gif mainsink 550×413}}bathroom with a separate shower and jacuzzi {{popup mainbath.gif mainbath 375×500}}tub.
As you can see, there is a lot of decorating that needs to be done. We are going to hang the mirror and pictures this weekend and JoAnn is putting stuff in the china hutch. Almost everything you see here is new including all the bed clothes, towels, rugs, furniture and accessories. So Kim Farley- we look forward to any suggestions and ideas so we can finish this house.


  1. Erin said:

    WOW! Nice digs for sure! I love how clean it looks and so well put together. You guys did a great job!

    February 27, 2008
  2. Kay said:

    You’re right this is a really nice home. Amazing how everything looks new in the house. Well- decorate it cozy and then she will stay at her house and not need to come to your house! It is very nice.

    February 25, 2008
  3. hot mama said:

    That looks like a very nice home. Just needs things on the walls to warm it up and maybe some window treatments. Mom

    February 23, 2008

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