It’s Official…

sold (129k image)

The closing on the house is tentative for April 27th! Now the fun begins packing up a 1900 sq ft house full of 11 years worth of stuff and finding somewhere to live in exactly 11 weeks……..!


  1. La said:

    Sometimes we don’t know the true blessing of a choice until sometime later- houses are expensive and a lot of work!
    I hear the stress part- I’ve been very sick for about 3 weeks- schedule to full that instead of slowing down- I grinded to a complete halt- bodies do that! So take on a little each day and before you know it- you’ll be done. And it truly does feel good to cleanse yourself of stuff you’ve held onto for a long time- I been working on that for a while…believe there is a plan!

    February 12, 2009
  2. Erin said:

    Oops, BIG steps, not bog steps… sorry… no coffee yet today.

    February 11, 2009
  3. Erin said:

    WOW! Bog steps… but it will be worth it to be debt free and have less to worry about. Housing market has been tough lately so it’s good that you were able to sell. When it’s all said and done, you will feel good. Stay strong and I wish I was there to help… and I still have to mail your pictures… sorry, things have been hectic.

    February 11, 2009
  4. Sue said:

    You know that you have ALL of us in your corner for help with anything… that’s the great thing about this family. That is what makes us strong and you are a strong person. Sometimes we all have to step out of our comfort zones to try a new path and that is the adventure. A house doesn’t make a home.
    Hey Kate… have a great time! Ah Man- wish you would bring back some sunshine!

    February 11, 2009
  5. Kay said:

    Kelly- I’m sure this is bitter sweet, but I agree with Mom that not having the upkeep with leave you with more time for you and less headaches. Plus, it is a good time to downsize and get rid of what you don’t need or use.

    As for the moving- IT SUCKS- that is the reality, but Kim and Clark are pros from moving Erin and Beth, Mom and Dad are pros from moving Kevin, and Bob and I aren’t unqualified either. Just keep us posted and let us know if you need the help- we are here for you.

    February 10, 2009
  6. hot mama said:

    I’m sure there are a lot of emotions, but when they move in think about not having to mow the yard, and not having to shovel the sidewalk, and not having to worry about things that break. That is the good part. Tell Kate to have a great time and we will get together for a party when she gets back. We will have to have a moving party to help you get settled. Hang in there and enjoy the adventure. Mom

    February 10, 2009
  7. Kelly said:

    Thanks Karen! I tried to post this but couldn’t log in but yes it is offical. They are preapproved so should go. Lot of emotions the past couple of days. Bought this house to make a home for my children and didn’t quite work out that way. I did/do love this house but bottom line can’t afford it….so hopefully this will be the last major bridge to cross for awhile. Big time stepping out of a comfort zone and not knowing where I will end up but hopefully when all is said and done will be debt free for the first time in going on 12 years and that will feel good not to have that stress. So the Warrior will plung forward and god this year has got to be better!

    That’s about it….stress is now hitting as on a time frame that I know will go fast. Katrina (Kate) is doing AWESOME. Made High Honor for the marking period and leaves Friday to go to Florida for a week with Shaun and his parents so she is excited. She went last year with them as well and went to the Daytona 500 (yes still jealous over that) but this year they are going to St Petersburg and going to a Yankee spring training game, Busch Gardens and should have a good time and will be back home in time for her 17th birthday!

    So that is about it for us!

    February 9, 2009

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