It’s here!

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Flat Lala got her first chance in the hot tub which arrived yesterday.
Take a look:
{{popup MVC-011F.JPG MVC-011F 640×480}}Hot tub
{{popup MVC-016F.JPG MVC-016F 640×480}}Front tiles
{{popup MVC-012F.JPG MVC-012F 640×480}}Side view
(Kay C. these are the candles you got me when I graduated from KU!- They finally have a place to live).
Linda and I lit the candles and climbed in last night, first thing this morning and will climb in again this evening. Last night I could not even stay awake to read Harry Potter (could also be tired from lifting the roof on the gazebo!)
We love it!


  1. Avatar La said:

    Our leak got fixed (even if they had to cut the side off- they also replace the side of the gazebo that was broke- gave us 150.oo credit since they can’t get the lift to work right- it is filled back up and should be ready tonight for a dip- it has really helped me sleep and ALOT of my aches have gone away- this will be a good thing. Tommorow they rebuild all my blinds and Monday my car goes in (doing it while in New York- then we don’t need a rental car) also found out this is covered under comprehension not collision so my deductable is only 100.00 not 500.00 (this is good.) Hopefully by the time I get back from my Delaney and family fix EVERYTHINg else will be fixed too!

    June 25, 2003
  2. Avatar Kim said:

    Can i come and jump in your hot tub? I seriously doubt C will fix our leak anytime soon! Enjoy it…well worth the bucks and besides you two are workoholics so enjoy the fruits of your labors!

    June 25, 2003
  3. Avatar La said:

    Erin- she pulls you into the book in about 5 pages (bad thing when you have lots to do!)and darling you are welcome anytime- Kevin and my parents are coming at Thanksgiving-think about it?

    June 23, 2003
  4. Avatar La said:

    Making long lists is not what I recommend! But I guess part of home ownership- hopefully this summer we will knock out most of the "biggies" and can start enjoying things- hence the hottub (I’d like to switch gears and concentrate on EXERCISE) my weight lose has hit a wall and I need to boost it up- we just need to finish the "court yard garden" off the upper room and then its minor piddle projects like paint the garage- stain the steps- rainy day projects!

    June 23, 2003
  5. Avatar Erin said:

    By the way, I love your Flat La la! She is just too cute!

    June 23, 2003
  6. Avatar Sue said:

    Oh, I love it! I’ll bet you get so much relaxation and use out of it. I like the candles and table placement there too- perfect for those late night/evening munchies close to the "spa"… Wish I was there to enjoy- We’re not doing projects anywhere near the magnitude that you are doing but after things calm down (in a couple of years) look out! Our list is already starting. Can’t wait to see you…

    June 23, 2003
  7. Avatar Erin said:

    Wow! I am impressed. It is truly beautiful and I love it! ANd those candles from Kay are great! Perfect for that spot! Enjoy it and maybe soon I can come bubble with you guys if I ever get any more vacation time!

    And oh yes, now that I am back from camping, I will be running out to buy the next Harry Potter as well! They are truly addicting!

    June 23, 2003

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