It couldn’t be easy…

behindsink (144k image)

Well, when we started with the {{popup drill.gif drill 500×375}}dremel– it was easy and the sides came right off. When we got on the back, outside wall next to the sink- it seems they used glue and cement because it ruined 2 blades and we had to hand {{popup chisel.gif chisel 500×375}}chisel them out (please note pink hammer which helped donate to cancer research). Once we got all the tiles out and the silver bar- we started on the {{popup dishwasher.gif dishwasher 300×400}}dishwasher. Here you see it, and now you {{popup nodishwasher.gif nodishwasher 500×375}}don’t. Later today we will attempt to put in the new one which was delivered yesterday. The other bad news- the countertop we ordered is on backorder- he hopes it won’t take to long. Also- trying to match the grout to put tiles back after counter tops are in is not proving to be easy. Nothing in this house ever is!

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  1. La said:

    New ones are coming Thursday, April 5!

    March 30, 2007

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