It can happen to anyone…

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13 years of school documents, all my UMKC and more-GONE! I hardly used the drive (once a month to back up- that’s about 13 times I turned it on) and now it is dead. As much help as they are- they are equally a pain in the butt! Now I am looking for some one or some where to try and recover the data that won’t cost a fortune. Also- I have 2 more just like this one- where do I back up all that information (I’m sure they will die as well- they are from the same company).


  1. La said:

    A computer tech from school is looking at my drive tonight- think it was a power failure which means I should get my files- if not- it’s fried. I’m looking into a dual DVD which holds 8GB and will convert to disk. SO much for copying all my CDs to disk!

    August 13, 2007
  2. beth said:

    Yes, I seem to be cursed with Hard Drives as well… I guess the only true backup is burn all the info to DVDs. I used to buy Maxtor, but I have the above drive too. Guess I should to a back-up soon, since I lost my last harddrive and 3 years of files…

    August 13, 2007

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