It begins…

garageB (154k image)

This is just the one side that I started on. As you can see… lots of stuff and the steps have never been stained. I cleaned up the mess to include getting rid of old paint, stained the steps (lots of cracks and underneath parts) and they now look like {{popup garageA.gif garageA 375×500}}this. Then I noticed that the door has never been painted so it now looks like {{popup doorI.gif doorI 375×500}}this and needs another coat to give it a smooth finish. Well you know what happens next- the outside of the {{popup doorO.gif doorO 375×500}}door has faded so I pained it too. Notice the bottom of the door- yuck! Well it continues because there are two other outside doors that turned from green to bluish faded green so they will get a new paint job tomorrow. All the junk that was in the garage is on the back of Linda’s pickup so we will go through that tomorrow as well. Hopefully Sunday we can start painting the {{popup walls.gif walls 550×413}}walls, I started several years ago, ran out of paint, got new paint but never finished…this is the year to finish. Then we will get rid of the clothes we never wear in the closet we put in and finally add a new shelf (coming out of laundry room) to store small appliances (waffle maker, extra pans, popcorn machine, ice cream machine) so those items are neat and orderly. We will have more room in the back as well. Home ownership- isn’t it fun!


  1. Kim and Clark said:

    If you guys want, you can come help me organize and simplify! I need lots of help! Oy vey!

    June 21, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    I can’t wait to do this stuff! I’m sure the novelty wears off after a while, but I am looking forward to having a place of our own. So far, our original offer on the house we want was declined, bumming us out major. The seller said they would probably take 3% consessions instead of 6%, so we put in another offer and should know in about 48 hours. Man, this process SUCKS big time. I am so anxious! I either want to know or move on to the next prospect. I hate all this waiting. Now I understand why it takes many months to get a house and close. But for now, we have been buying all kinds of magazines for ideas (colors, storage, renovations), going through our do-it-yourself book, making lists of stuff we’ll need to fix it up, pricing things out… Eh Carumba! So far my fav magazines are all the ones put out by Better Homes and Gardens… I went ahead a subscribed to their decorating mag, their do-it-yourself mag, and I have been picking up their kitchen renovations mags. What fun!

    June 17, 2008

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