International Peace Day…

pinwheels-peace (85k image)

“Peace be with you.
Soul-deep, lasting peace. We all desire it. The world needs it. It’s the peace that passes all understanding … a peace that transcends and dissolves fear, hatred, unforgiveness, and a false sense of separation … a peace that accepts the truth that we are all one.
Of course, peace cannot be legislated or enforced, purchased or won. It must begin with you and me—the individual awareness and expression of peace.
“We must be the change we want to see,” said Gandhi. We must be peace—each one of us—in the understanding that everything we think and do really does affect everyone else as ripples of positive or negative energy.”

I will take a picture of mine when we are done with them at school- tomorrow several classes will put out their pinwheels-Imagine Whirled Peace!

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