I’m pooped!

This year we had three work days before school started (which was today). Usually you do faculty meetings and work on your rooms- this year they did team building and district meetings and open houses and I’m exhusted…then they throw the kids at you. Today went well- no tears for the little ones, no one under desks (only one kid threw up) and most parents survived too. My rooms are still NOT done (only 2 bulletin boards done, have 4 – we are working on a fish theme-send ideas). Hard to believe we are back so soon (wish we were getting out early but not so and snow days are not worked in to this equation).Well in two weeks I start teaching so need to work on that material so off I go(Sue good thing you haven’t taught yet because naming kids would really be tough- you’d always have a kid to put with the name and some would not be fun!)

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