I’m officially putting the universe on notice…

I have had enough!

I just made the comment to Linda- there isn’t anything left to break! Right, last night a deer ran into my car. I missed the first one when I braked and the second one ran right into the side of my car- I think he hit it with his head- then he ran away so I’m calling it a “hit and run”. Last week the truck radiator broke, week before that the SUV had a gasket leak that had to be fixed, same week the refrigerator went out and a month or so ago the stove went out. Really. In the last year almost ever appliance in our home has broken (washer, microwave, stove, refrigerator- 2 years ago water heater). They (every salesperson and repairman) say 5-7 years is normal and 10 is really good (not something I’d be proud to say I made- what happened to 20 years)? Also, Linda ruptured her meniscus in her knee.

On the flip side- I was not hurt, I don’t think the deer was hurt (maybe a headache), the car was under warranty, we had the means to replace the appliances that broke, we like the new stuff but I am really ready to turn this Karma over to someone else. Also, Linda’s doctor is hoping with some weight loss the knee will heal itself- we can only hope.

So Mr. Universe…enough already, go play with someone else!

Well, apparently the Universe is not listening…garbage disposal went out last night. REALLY! Car=$1500.00 (not as bad as my friend’s who was over $5000.00). So we just keep waiting for the Universe to shift.


  1. Kim and Clark said:

    I third that.. thank goodness you did not get hurt. Stupid deer! It does seem like the universe has been throwing out some major blows lately. It’s time for spring and good fortune. Anyway… hang in there. Love you. (Get well Linda.. knees are an issue this year too. C’s is finally bendable.)

    January 16, 2011
  2. Erin said:

    I’m glad you weren’t hurt… and I have been asking the universe the same thing. WHAT GIVES??? Leave our family alone already. I just want one good thing to happen for me, and my folks, and you/Linda, Nick, and everyone. At least we all have each other… I am truly thankful for that… love, support, and guidance!

    January 14, 2011
  3. The Carroll's said:

    Well, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt, but what a bummer! Mom had that happen to her some years back. Hopefully, they can fix it quickly so you can move on. {Good Karma, Good Karma, Good Karma} There we sent you some good vibs to get you back on track!

    January 14, 2011

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