I’m here, just busy

Major deadlines here, along with major company downsizing! I could be in danger, but I think I’ll be okay. Some people are not happy with our department because it’s taken us so long to produce training, but they do not understand how long it takes. We’ve been working our butts off, trying to prove ourselves (or rather our department’s worth). If we don’t do this, all of us could lose our jobs and I’m not willing to go down like that. Right now I’ve been trying to light a few fires under a few people’s butts, and it was funny because the other day we had a little meeting and I started to get on my boss’s and another co-worker’s nerves because I was pushing so hard. Our dept. boss (over my boss), came and told me that she respected the way that I was keeping everyone on track and that she thinks I’m a lot like her! She says that she knows I’ll go far in this company.

And more news… David is now in Puerto Rico managing his new store and he’s doing great! He just found out from his district manager that the company is planning on opening a few more stores in Puerto Rico and South America. Well… it was pretty much implied that they were recommending David to take over as District Manager for these areas… this will be a huge promotion for David. It won’t happen right away, as this could be more than a year away. Anyway, this makes it tougher for David and I. Our plans were to continue with the long distance until he could get a District Manager’s position somewhere near me… well now the company has other plans for him and I have no idea where this will lead us. God either really wants to challenge us, or he doesn’t want us together. I haven’t figured it out yet. On the better side, I’m going to visit him in Puerto Rico for New Year’s, which will be way cool! He also asked me to move down there when he gets promoted. I don’t think I ever could! Scary….

Anyway, I miss you all and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write lately.

Lots of love to you all!


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