ice storm

Just thought I’d do an update on the ice storm. Clyde and Newark got hit hard. We just got power yesterday at 8pm. I lost 8 fish out of my fish tank, including the tiger barbs (which were the oldest fish in the tank at 3 years), because the temperature of my tank was less than 50 degrees. That was a third of the fish in there. I’m lucky they all didn’t die. I also lost my filter, I have to buy one tonight. I spent the weekend running around getting supplies, going to my apartment to grab food from the fridge, trying to heat the apartment and putting warm water in the tank. I’m sore from dragging branches.

We had a small generator on Saturday afternoon, but just enough to run the fridge, or the heat. We alternated them, fridge on, furnace off, and visa versa. My dad didn’t have a plug for the generator, and we couldn’t get one (all survival supplies in the surrounding areas were out), so he just had the wires sticking in it. Well, the neutral fell out and he browned out the house. He fried our living room TV and the brand new DVD player. Luckily Bose replaced the DVD player, but they still have to buy a TV.

Clyde was very busy on Saturday. No gas stations or restaurants were open in Newark or Lyons, so everyone came to Clyde to get food gas and Kerosene for their generators and heaters. Our gas stations have generators. The lines in our gas stations must have has 20 cars waiting at each one. It was a site.

It was an interesting weekend, I needed to relax, but I didn’t get to. I did learn how to crochet though, I’m making a blanket.

I made a page of pictures to show off, check it out.



  1. Erin said:

    I’m just glad you are all safe!!!

    April 11, 2003
  2. La said:

    My first thought was put the chainsaw in the car and lets go to Clyde- my heart is out to all of you- it really is a mess and it changes the look, the feel….can’t imagine the farm without trees! I worry about the people doing the cleaning because there is so much- and knowing dad and Kenny they’ll try to do it in one weekend- this is many weekends worth of work and they don’t slow down. I’m tired just thinking about it.

    April 8, 2003
  3. sue said:

    kenny is already making arrangements to get another chainsaw going. you cannot imagine how these pics really look in person! the mess is just phenomenal. you could never tell that we had a 30 foot path in our woods! it topped almost every single tree we had down there. it’s monday and my mother still is without power/water. this sucks!!!

    April 7, 2003
  4. La said:

    Looks like Clyde folk will be busy this year! I hope this doesn’t all fall on Poppy- looks like he can use lots of help.

    April 7, 2003

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