I think we should each do this next year…Christmas Jars!

A Christmas Jar is a pickle jar, peanut butter jar, Mason jar or whatever else you have around to collect your spare change each day.

All coins are dedicated to the jar, and during the week before Christmas you carefully select someone to give it to anonymously. Was a neighbor laid off? Is a coworker struggling with health problems? Has a friend lost a loved one?

Simply put your jar on their porch, in their car, on their desk–wherever–and you could change their life for good!

Christmas Jars $50, $100, even $200, you’ll be surprised how much change you can generate and how much you can affect someone’s life.

This idea is from author Jason F. Wright and his book, Christmas Jars. (I am just beginning the book).

Will you pledge to give away a Christmas Jar next year?

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