I love organization…

cupboard (176k image)

I made it through all my kitchen cupboards- getting rid of the million cups and glasses so things fit. All the drawers got organized too. Good Will is going to get a truck full tomorrow.
I finally got the {{popup ceiling.gif ceiling 500×338}}ceiling in the bathroom scrapped and we found a new paint with “sand” in it for the ceiling. I also didn’t realize how much the ceiling caught cobwebs (yuck). I also went through all my {{popup bookcase.gif bookcase 422×500}}bookcases, taking out all the “extra” books so the rooms look neater. I am still working on coping over CDs and tapes (a few each day). We have up almost all the tiles in the kitchen and next week I shed myself of all the school social work stuff (creating more room). Slowly it happens…I know it’s summer time.


  1. hot mama said:

    I would like to take a lot of stuff to the salvation army store but if ken found them he would take them and put them in the barn, you know, the place that is full of STUFF. Mom

    June 19, 2007
  2. La said:

    Please note- I have lots of glasses for cocktails (most gifts) but Linda and I are trying different cocktails on the weekends- some good, some not so good but we are relaxing some, watching fires and enjoying the many gifts in our lives.

    June 19, 2007
  3. La said:

    A week doesn’t work- you need the summer- it amazes me how out of control it can get and how little time you have on a "normal" day. Glad I get this time to keep things up.

    June 19, 2007
  4. Kay said:

    Wish I could take a week to get organized- I could use it!

    June 19, 2007

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