How to make homemade sauce…


San Marzano tomatoes… grown in my garden.

Compared to the Roma variety of plum tomato with which most people are familiar, San Marzano tomatoes have an elongated oblong shape—thinner and pointier, believed to be a mutation. They have only two seed pockets (most tomatoes have five to seven); since seeds contribute acidity, this accounts for the lower acidity. The pulp is dense, and because the variety has lower acidity, the tomatoes have a rich tomato flavor and a natural sweetness; sauces made with them require no additional sugar. Even the juice in the can that streams from the diced tomatoes tastes like the best tomato juice.P1010962

P1010963 Vitamix blends so smooth there is no seeds or skin left- not a cheap blender but I use it everyday!



After we cooked down the tomatoes on the stove we “water bathed” the sauce for winter consumption.

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  1. Erin Culver said:

    Yup! That’s how I do mine too with onions and garlic and fresh basil. So yummy and the Vitamix makes it do easy!!! I’ve only canned 2 pints and 1 quart of sauce so far. My CSA has sold of out tomatoes every time I go lately. 🙁

    August 15, 2014

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