“How to Host a Murder” to celebrate All Hallows Eve

One stormy Halloween night at the Castle Von Dessis, the guests of a midnight buffet become suspects in the murder of the host, Neville Aster-Night (pictured as the burned and blood drained corpse in the middle). Also pictured from left to right are: ASTHMADEUS The Prince of Dimness (devil), ANGELA DETH DDS, BALIHI the Rogersandhammerstein Monster (Frankenstein), (below) HANNIBAL SCHECTER the Kosher Cannibal, the skele of Neville Asternight, LIZZIE BORDEAUX the dead guy’s fiance, GLUMDA THE WICKED WITCH OF DEPRESSED, THE MUMMY OF KING ALDRINKTOTAT, (below) ARETHA GARLIQUE the fortune teller.

This past weekend we had our “How to Host a Murder” and it was so much fun so I thought I would share. We chose to do “An Affair to Dismember” because it was Halloweenie in feel. We really enjoyed ourselves and the food and invitations were a big hit (everyone called and asked if the invite was a clue… it was not, but it was a rather clever kit from Martha Stewart I got at AC Moore/Micheals that I modified a little). The best food was Hannibal’s neighbor’s ribs, which our friend Billy shared with us and I will have to post the recipe because they are the best darn BBQ Ribs you’ll have (of course, the recipe is stolen from the Texas Roadhouse grill where he used to work).

After the murder, we just had some good ol’ fun, including playing Micheal Jackson’s thriller about 4 times in a row while we all tried to figure out the dance (really funny when you put about 8 people who have been drinking on this mission). Well, we made up a bunch but had a darn good time doing it. Each move had a name we came up with, like the Creep Crawl, or the broken leg, etc. We got so carried away that our friend Chris even grabbed his own shirt and sent the buttons popping all over the kitchen.

Aunt Kris joined us for a little while to witness, dressed as a very chic vampire… I wish I had gotten a picture (maybe my friend Kelle did – I have to get her pics). Originally she was going to take part but wasn’t sure if she was going to make it back from Matty’s game in time. I sorta wish we had waited for her because my friend Kelle brought someone to fill the roll that didn’t bring glasses and couldn’t read so his participation level was a little low… Oh well.

I wanted to let people know that I would be more than happy to share this murder mystery so let me know if you are interested in it. I also wanted to find out which other ones are floating out in the family that I might be able to borrow. We would like to do another one at some point, and even if I purchase one I would like to make sure it is different from other in the family so that we have a greater variety to choose from. Please post and let me know…


  1. Erin said:

    They have so many now, and I was thinking about getting the Mardis Gras one or the “Pasta, Passion, and Pistols” which is Italian food and mafia. The cowboy one sounds great, so you should definitely get on that one so we can see you guys dressed up! Would be a hoot!

    I thought Kris said she had a 70s one too… maybe the Stayin’ Alive? I can’t remember. All I know is that they are fun. I will admit that the hardest part was starting… none of us had ever done one and it wasn’t scripted so we didn’t quite understand how it went. We learned quickly though. I thought I read somewhere that some of them are scripted… this one just has about 4 things you have to reveal in each round (4 rounds total). And none of us got the real killer either, so it was a little tough.

    October 28, 2009
  2. The Carroll's said:

    Erin- VERY Cute- hopefully you have more pictures to share – like your invites and decorations. I have a couple of these, as does Kris. I have a Roaring ’20’s one, I had a 50’s one and a Cowboy one. Kris has a New Year’s (fancy- dress up one- I believe I bought for her). Anyway, I haven’t done the Cowboy one- want to, so I need to get on it, but would be happy to look and see what I have and let you know. These are fun, especially when you get people that get into it and play the part. I have pictures of some of our old ones and they are too funny! I loved the girl with the beach ball as a crystal ball- that made me laugh! Looks like everyone had fun- great way to have fun and doesn’t always have to cost much if you do it at home! Thanks for posting!

    October 28, 2009

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