How Kim got the holidays done this year…

In case you were wondering how Kim got it all done this year for Christmas and was able to have Christmas Eve at her house again…

She hired child labor and paid only three junks… lol!

3154849422_4af8c909f9 (119k image)
3154008599_4f3ce954d1 (120k image)

(For those who visit our site, this is only a joke and we don’t really hire child labor – we don’t need social services taking this serious when it’s not)! I couldn’t resist because I thought the pic was too funny of Kels washing something when we made cookies. Sorry mom, but it fit. You did a wonderful job with the house and Christmas Eve was such a joy to have it at home again. Dad, you’re clam chowder and homemade bread were a hit as always and I wish I still had some. Thanks to you both (and your child labor… tee hee).

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  1. hot mama said:

    We are all working this little girl to death! She came to Nana’s house and helped me take down the tree and put away the village. She really was a big help. Her brother helped also. Thanks guys. Nana

    January 4, 2009

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