How I spent my weekend…

This weekend we finished off some of our beds- we unloaded a truck load of gravel. Here is the {{popup MVC-813F.JPG MVC-813F 467×373}} flower bed where the deck steps use to be.A close up of the {{popup MVC-814F.JPG MVC-814F 467×373}} rock we used to cover the beds. Our {{popup MVC-815F.JPG MVC-815F 467×373}} strawberry patch. We have 3-4 different types under the plum tree. Here is the {{popup MVC-819F.JPG MVC-819F 467×373}} flower bed near the patio- we had spirias but Linda put in flowers to match the flower bed in the {{popup MVC-818F.JPG MVC-818F 467×373}} half circle. We removed the red brick in front of the concrete patio and laid {{popup MVC-817F.JPG MVC-817F 467×373}} sod– looks much nicer. Now we can bring out the 10×10 canopy. We tore out the deck (I think we are putting a new one in) but planted some burning bushes to make a {{popup MVC-822F.JPG MVC-822F 467×373}} hedge. Since you can see this from the street- a fence did not look so hot (here is a {{popup MVC-109F.JPG MVC-109F 467×373}} before picture- big difference. I started my {{popup MVC-823F.JPG MVC-823F 467×373}} herb garden (got in the plants) but the hardscape needs to be laid properly. It will look better. There is rhubarb in the back and a walk way that needs to be set. It will have a border on each side but I ran out of brick (need 36 more). We have several types of sage, basil, parsley, fennel, lavender, oregano, thyme, rosemary- still need oregano and chives. This is where that lovely {{popup MVC-111F.JPG MVC-111F 467×373}} shed use to live that we finally had torn down. And last- we have a new friend to brighten up our bench…{{popup MVC-821F.JPG MVC-821F 467×373}} Mr. Frog!


  1. La said:

    Given the choice- I’d take kissing Delaney! I told Linda I am willing to spend one year busting my butt to finish the house projects (major) but I hope by next year to travel and enjoy life. I opt for a cruise. This house has taught us (and we are still learning) the art of simplification. I was going through old pictures and the transformation of this house is hugh! I’d still rather be kissing Delaney!

    May 5, 2003
  2. Kay, Bob, Delaney, and Buffett said:

    Wow. I visited Clyde, made sauce, did laundry, got Delaney’s pictures taken, and spent lots of time playing with Delaney. Doesn’t compare to what you’ve been up to. Sorry we missed your call yesterday, the day got away from us. We’ll call you soon!! Great job- your yard looks great.

    May 5, 2003

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