How do you know?

How do you know when to make a change in your life? I’m contemplating quitting my job and venturing into “private practice”. Oh but it feels good to finally have two incomes where we can fix up the house- get a new car and to go out and say here I am- come to me! How do you know there is a market? How do you know you’ll be good? People tell me there is a market in the Northland. People who I know and suck at therapy are doing it; I know I do a good job so I should feel confident- right? I like the term “therapist” better than “school social worker”. I’d like being my own boss since I’m not getting along with one of mine right now. I’d like the challenge. But…how do you know.

It worried me about health insurance- then tonight I got home to a package of VA benefits and I had forgotten I could get insurance through them- is this a God wink? My friend I teach with is going to retire next year- she is “dumping” some of her ventures, which she is happy to send my way- another God wink?

I’m not as happy doing my job as I use to be- but it is two months off in the summer and holidays, a steady paycheck in hard economic times? Is this just FEAR? Advice welcome.

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