House project done…

breakdownOn July 20, 2014- we had new carpet and baseboards put in the house. The week prior we took out EVERY piece of furniture, ripped out the carpet, pad and baseboards,

carpetHere is the new carpet going in.

colordoorsWhile the carpet was out- I changed the bedroom color from green to blue. We moved the stereo equipment to the closet so we needed slat doors for air- we moved the other doors to the bedroom. They had to be restripped but they both look nice and beat those hollow doors.

tvOnce the equipment was in the closet (less clutter) we had the TV’s hung on the wall (got rid of the big wall unit). We also got new furniture and rearranged furniture.

doneThe garage is clean, upstairs is now an exercise room, the fireplace metal bar is covered and the trim around the fireplace removed (stove sits flat on the ground). There is way less clutter- family pictures will be going on my bedroom wall (9 11×14 frames). Finished- October 5, 2014. Till next years project…

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  1. Mim & Clark said:

    Looks fantastic! Great Job. I love the TV;s on the walls. They look so much better up.

    October 9, 2014

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