Hot, Hot Weekend…

ants (91k image)

It is so hot here even the ants are leaving! The {{popup toomuch.gif toomuch 450×299}} zucchini are multiplying like rabbits, and {{popup planes.gif planes 450×283}} planes are falling out of the sky (not really- this is “Blue Thunder” performing a show over the holiday).

The best thing to do was jump in a pool, {{popup laugh.gif laugh 442×450}} laugh (this is Gary- the big kid in the group) and read a good book (I just fininshed “A Walk on the Beach”) which I loved and highly recommend. Linda and I also went out to work on 26 things- we visited some {{popup dance.gif dance 500×460}} fountains, watched the {{popup airshow.gif airshow 450×299}} air show and helped babysit {{popup Torey.gif Torey 299×450}} Torey (after all it isn’t fun if there isn’t little people). We did mow the lawn but did not work in the barn as we would have melted so…it remains unfinished. To finish the 4th- we stood in the driveway and watched a {{popup fireworks.gif fireworks 450×298}} fireworks display from the National golf course (no I did not take the picture but I thought it was a nice photo to end with).


  1. hot mama said:

    Got you all beat for a fun fourth. Try getting a house pulled together in 95 degree temps. Darn, it’s hot in Florida. However, Kevin has his ants out in his front yard too. I love the way you displayed yours. It’s different. I really love the different ideas all you kids come up with. Clever, Clever, Clever!!!

    July 9, 2004
  2. Erin said:

    David and I went to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies! SO AWESOME! If anyone is looking for a vacation that will make your mouth drop around every corner, this would be it! The mountains were so majestic and beautiful! We visited the Columbia Icefield (Athabasca Glacier), Sunwapta Falls where we hiked a little and had a picnic on a bench, Athabasca Falls where it started to pour down rain so we quickly snapped pictures and left, and Mount Edith Cavell to see the Angel and Cavell Glaciers. The following day we tried to go fishing at Malign Lake, where there is aupposed to be some of the best trout fishing… well, the only thing we caught were a bunch of mosquito bites. We never even got one fishie bite. Oh well, we had fun paddling in our canoe. I just got home late last night, so I still need to download my pictures. I will have them up soon.

    July 6, 2004
  3. Kay said:

    Love the ants. I just remember I never got my lawn stuff out. I packed it away because they take a beating from the winter and haven’t gotten them out yet. Wish I had some of your zucchini- I had to buy some the other day, yuk!! We have had a very relaxing couple days. Stayed closed to home- finishing projects. Bob has had to work so that doesn’t leave a lot of time to go do stuff. Delaney is happy being home and playing in her pool. Aunt Kimmie stopped up the other day and she played very hard with Delaney. Delaney fell asleep on Mommy and Daddy’s bed around 6pm while Bob went for the pizza and really never woke up till the next day. Loves that swimming thing in her little pool!! Bob and I think the water is freezing, but she could care less. Fell off the stool in the bathroom and hit her head- seems to be ok, but really freaked me out. Not usually one to overreact, but she had an instant bruise on the side of her head and I do worry with the head injuries. Should have some new pictures soon of her swimming in her pool. Sporting her bikini and one healthy tummy. I think her’s is as big as mine!! What can we say- the girl is a good eater! We will post again soon, hopefully with some pictures!!

    July 6, 2004

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