Holy crap! And I do mean lots of crap…

lr (109k image)

Here is the house currently (trust me, this is better than it was – hard to believe, I know). We are filled with all kinds of crap and trying to eliminate and simplify. And the bad thing is, you are not seeing the 10×10′ stortage unit filled with more crap. We have a lot to go through. Already we have 3 boxes for Goodwill, and this is after 2 car loads that went from the last 2 moves and a garage sale where we got rid of a lot of furniture. Yes, lots o crap.

loft (88k image)

And here is the loft. Most of those boxes are scrapbooking and office stuff… you might say I have a slight addiction, but it brings me joy. This may be my point of focus today, although if I do I may retreat in there and never return to civilzation.

But some good news, we have uncovered the kitchen! I have one more box to empty and then we are done. We have figured out that we don’t need to buy groceries for the next century too, so we are trying to use some food up. It’s going well, but there are still boxes everywhere. Most stuff is going into storage.

I have to go finish my 2-box-a-day quota, so I gotta go. We’ll take more pictures as it gets better.

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  1. La said:

    I like that the cat found a nice spot to sleep in….never fun to move but when it’s all away- you’ll be much happier (with David) and lighter (rid of junk).

    August 27, 2006

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