Hit the wall!

Well I did- I weighed in and lost .8 this week. This after eating only green things and exercising 45-60 minutes a day. What’s up with that? Then a read the following article- after I felt better and learned I could have ice cream one day per week!


So you have been at it for awhile now. The results just do not seem to be coming as fast as they used too. Have you failed? Not by a long shot! You have simply hit the wall! That’s right; your body has hit a plateau. There is nothing to fear, it is quite natural. As your body has begun to transform and reshape, it is also undergoing metabolic changes.
Simply put, your metabolism is in a state of flux. You have most likely increased your daily energy output and have also cut calories. Your body is learning how to cope with these new variables. While at first you might have seen significant weight loss, the trend may be slowing down or even seems to have stopped. This is due to the bodies’ ability to increase or decrease metabolic response. In order to maintain energy levels as well as properly regulate bodily functions. Your body may be responding to the decrease in caloric intake by slowing your metabolism. Better known as “starvation mode”. Here are some tips to get you over the hump.

First off, if you are not already eating four to five smaller meals a day. START!
By eating smaller more frequent meals, you will boost your metabolism.

If you are already doing the above, try this one. You are going to love this one!
Have an ice-cream day! That’s right! If you have been following a calorie restrictive diet for an extended period of time, a “junk day” if you will may be just the thing you need. By in taking some high glycemic foods for ONE DAY a week. You will in a sense jump start your metabolism. Now be very careful here, you don’t want to fall off the wagon, but this actually works.

If you feel this option isn’t for you, try adding 20 minutes to your workout program.
Whether you add 20 minutes on the bike or treadmill or perhaps simply add a few more sets to your resistance program. You will be adding to your daily caloric expenditure, thusly forcing your body to respond by increasing the metabolism.
In the end it’s the little things that count, keep a journal of your routines and nutrition. Learn how your body responds to changes over time, and most importantly be consistent!
You didn’t gain the weight in one day, so don’t assume you will lose it all at once. Enjoy the journey and learn from it. And if all else fails, contact me. I LOVE TO MOTIVATE as well as EDUCATE! FITNESS RULES!

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