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Just thought I’d check in and see what everyone’s up to… My semester is coming to a close- last day of classes is 5/9. I have several papers and a couple tests before the close though- wish me luck! I am hoping to take three summer courses and I will be helping the school summer program again this year. I need to focus on coming up with idea projects etc. Any ideas? Kam has his first Minor League Baseball game on Saturday. He has been busy with the Terra Nova teasting this week. ‘he says he thinks he got a 100’ Uncle Kevin- that Spiderman is in bed with him every night! That was truely great! Although he got very mad at me for not letting him take it to school. It’s too big! Kenny is very happy. He gets to golf pretty regulrly now. He and Kam come out to the club every Friday. Let’s hope the weather here holds out for Saturday so he can golf. Well that’s all folks!! Get it?

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  1. La said:

    I finished up my semester last week and get a 3 week break- that must feel good. I’m looking at taking 2 course this summer- one on diagnosis and one one on art therapy plus teaching school social work- busy summer! Tell Kameron congratulations on his test- they are very important!

    May 6, 2003

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