Here we go again…

  • Road crews throughout the Kansas City metro are making final preparations to battle possibly the biggest storm of the winter so far. Freezing drizzle is expected to start early Monday morning and continue throughout the day before turning to snow in eastern Kansas. The weather service said 8 to 12 inches of snow is possible and could make travel extremely dangerous. This one is coming with ice and wind. I might not have a summer break at this rate!

¬†Right now it looks like a significant snow storm for our area with 10″-13″ possible in the viewing areas along with 20-40 mph winds and an Arctic blast.¬†

  • Linda and I got to really clean the house this weekend. The rest of the winter decorations got put away and we dusted and wiped and scrubbed and steam our self to a CLEAN home. Feels good.
  • Bear got his bath today- he has to look good in puppy class. He was the first to potty on the floor (mom was so impressed) and also the most friendly. He doesn’t want to follow directions- he wants to play with the other dogs. He is doing well with Linda and I with “Come on, let’s go” and walking on the left with out stopping to smell and sniff, sit and I am working ahead to “come” because he thinks it’s a game to run away!
  • Went to see Linda’s sister in the nursing home- I think they are all alike- old and smelly. This one seems better than the one Ralph was in but still sucks. She is getting some physical therapy and in better spirits. I think she will be there awhile- she thinks 10 days/ we think a couple months, we’ll see.
  • Our friend Roger will have his surgery on St. Patrick’s day- hope he has the luck of the Irish and it all turns out well.
  • I heard Kris and Kevin were both traveling for business.
  • Delaney is participating in “Jump for the Heart”- I challenge everyone to give her a donation for a worthy cause- she is working hard to do well.
  • What’s up with you?

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  1. Kris Dee & Matty said:

    Been busy here in NC as my travel schedule has started. Just returned from Philly, have to go to SC next week and then leave for Toronto Canada week after. Then hopefully join mama and papa in Myrtle. In March trying to work in a trip to KC to see you – then Spring Breaks start!

    Girls are in school and that is keeping them busy. Unlike you in KC we have actually had spring like weather (like 73 degrees on Sunday!)

    We are gettingready for the Superbowl as we are having a big party at the house Mattue has friends over, Dee is having friends over and Mom is having friends and family over WOO-Hoo lets go steelers (but Im a packers fan too so Im happy either way)

    February 2, 2011

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