Here we go again…just like 1993!

flood (154k image)

Heavy rain from an already deadly storm system sent the Missouri River and other Midwest waterways over their banks Tuesday, forcing thousands of people to evacuate and bringing warnings that the region could see flooding close to the devastation of 1993.

Many roads and businesses are closed down and everyone is just waiting to see what happens. Our barn flooded and the rain just drains out of the soil. We were receiving more than 5″ an hour in some places. It is suppose to rain most of this week so say a prayer…Mother Nature can be cruel.

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  1. La said:

    Hardest hit town- Big Lake. This is where we use to have a little place that we lost in the 93 flood. They get to do it again which is sad. It is sad not to have the place but now I know why we didn’t stay- this is worse. Makes me really sad to think about New Orleans and the raw deal they are getting.

    May 12, 2007

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