Here are my glasses…

glasses (97k image)

Friday I was running errands, I went to order shirts for our school, grabbed the shirts in the car and was walking into the printer. I heard something hit the ground, I looked around and saw nothing. I looked again on the way out. This morning I realized I could not find my glasses, after retracing my steps it hit me that what fell was my glasses. We went to the store and found them on the window sill looking like this- run over by a car.
I must say… the stupid stuff continues! First the garage door, the hot tub, the hail damage, my glasses.
ENOUGH ALREADY! Just when you get caught up-bam, I have to go get new glasses so I can see.


  1. Kim said:

    Sometimes life has a way of testing our resolve… seems like he is testing mine of late! Hang in there!! ~BIG hug~

    August 5, 2006
  2. Bob said:

    I feel your pain! I was run off the road on a residential st, way to much money for repairs. Last month the spring on garage door went, Kay needs new tires. Do you ever feel above water?

    July 31, 2006
  3. hot mama said:

    Why did you have an MRI? It would be nice to keep your mother informed!!!!I think it’s the heat. Call me and fill me in on that MRI!!!! Mom

    July 31, 2006
  4. Kris said:

    Well if it helpsI took a personal day last week and in one day, I repeat 1 day, I ran into an accumulation of $3000 of things that had to be done, brakes on my car, Darian’s car, girls teeth, an MRI for me – I feel your pain!

    July 30, 2006

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