Hello…here is an update…

LLC (61k image)

* There are all new rotating pictures and I am working on birthday pictures (many up). If you don’t like your picture-send me a new one. I’m not sure I’ll get them all up before I leave for Moline but they are coming.
* Kim Farley is going to Kansas City today and then onto Moline with Lala
* The future employment or Erin is looking bright- she’ll post details when they become available.
* Kay C & Bob have poison ivy- Yuck!
* Laney has impetigo- Yuck, Yuck! (She is all better now)
* Lu’s prognosis seemed better by the Doctor than we expected- will know for sure tomorrow.
* Mom is coming home Friday- Yeah!
* Uncle Jim is coming with her so she does not have to drive alone- Yeah, Yeah!
* Kelsie has two new words- “French Fry & bibble”- you will have to ask Kim about these!
* By early 2006- VHS tapes will be hard to find, Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City and Target will all stop selling them and only carry DVD.
* A jury on Monday found pop superstar Michael Jackson not guilty of all charges in his child-molestation trial. What can you say???


  1. Erin said:

    Yes, it looks like I will be working for Alcan Packaging as a Communication Specialist for a while. I was the third person hired into the company out of the 170 they are taking… not bad for a young little Yankee hacking it in a man’s industry! Go ME! Oh yeah, it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday (dancin’ a jig here)… sorry. Anyway, no pay cut, still may have to do some receptionist stuff for a while, but I may be handling a newsletter and a small website, among other things until the trasition is over. As long as they do not cut my pay, I don’t care. I can smell the $25,000 bonus! YUMMY! I may not get that for 18 months though, and after taxes will only be about $14,700… but HELLO HOUSE!!! I plan to use that money for a downpayment on a house for David and I, and I CANNOT WAIT!!! Yippee! I can smell the paint on the walls already!

    June 14, 2005
  2. La said:

    It seems not to many pictures of you, Sue or Kenny. We have a few of Bob!And of course Delaney. We even have a lot of Buffett so please send more- I knew you would not like it.

    June 14, 2005
  3. Kay said:

    That was the best picture you could find? YUCK! I’ll definately be sending another- horrible. I want to look happy even if I am miserable!

    June 14, 2005

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