Sorry for the delay in writing in and updating what has been happening at Casa Carroll. We have been busy trying to get all the outdoor items completed before the weather changes. We completed the extension on the driveway this week and we are hoping to get the sprinkler system in this next week. Then we just have to airate and seed the lawn and we are going to call it quits for this year. Next we move on to Delaney’s room. We have everything picked out, so we should be able to move along quickly. This is a project we can do when the weather get crappy, so we didn’t rush to get it started. Other then that we have been attending family reunions on the Carroll side and finalizing baby stuff like classes, etc. Buffy is doing great. She is getting excited to go to the beach!! We are going for a long weekend to Myrtle Beach and we usually take her along for this trip. She loves to body surf in the waves. It’s fun because we get to swim with her!! She also loves going to Uncle Jerry’s and see her brother and daddy!! Bob has been working his hinney off trying to get as much done as possible. He takes any work he can get right now, so we can pay to complete these projects. He goes to Baltimore the 1st weekend in September to play softball with the firemen, so he is looking forward to that. A little time away to play!! Then he will get to enjoy the time as a family in MB. That’s the trip where we take it easy and really relax! I’m very excited about my shower this weekend. I can’t wait to see everyone and be able to hang out.

I’m sure I will have a big update next week!! Well, I have a meeting I have to go to, but I’ll talk to you all soon. Take care and know that even though we don’t always talk, you are all in my thoughts everyday!! Love, Kay

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