Hello from Kris andher girls

We just wanted to say hello. I don’t get on very often because I am extremely busy at work and usually don’t have access at night (deebird!). Everyone is doing great and the big “D” is now 13.God help me! She is growing more beautiful everyday.

Matty is still a ball of sunshine. She is full of love and is my buddy at night. She is doing a whole lot better in school and has brought her two bad grades up a level (actually one of them went up two levels).

Both are doing well in soccer. Matty won her Myrtle Beach tournament – she scored a goal in every game (in one game it was the only goal scored!!) Erin went with me to that tournament and got to witness the happy bug herself.

Darian’s team is 6-1-1 and in second place by one point. She is playing absolutely fantastic. Although she is not a goal scorer almost every one of the goals her team scores she is the assistant. I call her the playmaker!

Lastly – we had dinner last night with Ashley. She is doing well and her son is absolutely beautiful. She is getting married next October if she and Jimmy (her fiance who looks just like Christopher!) save enough money. She is an assistant nurse at Carolinas Medical Center. She looks real good, more like a Mom than a young adult. She seems happy. Jimmy has a lot of family around and they are close. Ashley was excited to see us and hopes she can stay in touch. She wants nothing to do with Mike but she says she is not angry anymore. She is coming to Darian’s BD party saturday.We all feel better because we have set things straight and now I don’t feel like I gave up on her. Hope for the best.

We love and miss you all.

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