Hello All !

Well we are blogging too! Just here to update everyone on “us” too. Kam will be starting flag football practice on the 20th – yes another era. Kenny’s 20 year class reunion is this weekend- look out all the guys are getting back together! Kevin, can’t wait to see you. Kay, can’t wait to see that tummy and catch up! I will be starting college courses full time at Oswego for a degree in Elem. Ed. on the 3rd. It has really been a very busy summer with some ups and downs, as I’m sure you know that our home was burglarized a few weeks ago. We will survive however. Well ta ta for now- blog later!


  1. Erin said:

    Guys, I was sorry to hear about your loss… as you may know, I had one recently too! If it was mostly money that was taken, it can always be replaced… I know it stinks that all that hard work was lost, but it can be recovered. My most prized possession, my crusifix from Nana and Kay for my Confirmation, can never really be replaced! I was very hurt over losing it! But, we learn to move on and things can only get better! Just be thankful that no one was hurt in the process!

    And way to go Kam! Good luck with football! We know you’ll be a star! You are a DiSanto, after all, so success seems to follow us all closely!

    And good luck with school Sue! You’ll make a great teacher!

    August 16, 2002
  2. Karen said:

    Welcome- I am so glad you logged on.

    I think it is terrific that you will be back at school- I think learning as an adult is so much more fun.

    Tell Kam to play safe and have fun with football.

    August 13, 2002

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